ACMA Tower Locator tool and how to use it

As discussed you can find a link to the ACMA website for the tower locator and the Wiki page for the LTE frequency guide below: 

You will need to also look at the devices supported frequency, this can be found by looking at the device on either our page or on mikrotiks, there should be a section called mobile, and you should be able to find the supported bands there.
For example I have looked up the wap r lte kit on Mikrotks website and scrolled down to find the section:

So if you look below I have taken a screenshot of out location and circled the main things and numbered them so I can give you a quick run down on what everything does so you can used this more efficiently 
  1. enter the address you want to look up, this includes street number
  2. wait for this to load and say found x  sites, if it is still loading dont move the screen as it will cause it to try and load more
  3. this is the indication of where the location you looked up is
  4. the blue dots are the "public" services, these will be things like the 3g/4g/lte stuff as well as the fixed wireless connection
  5. green dots are for private connections like fire brigade schools etc
  6. once you have clicked on a tower and you are looking at the frequency each one will have a t and a r, for transmit and receive, you will need to see what ones match up with the wiki page i sent to see what bands the tower supports
  7. if you click on this you can see the information about the tower laid out a but easier so you can look and see what bands the tower supports a bit better