Mikrotik CHR: Transferring CHR license between VM's

Transferring CHR license

To transfer one of your existing CHR licenses to another CHR on your account it should be as easy as following the steps below :)

As you can see in the screenshot below, I only have the old CHR registered to my account so the first thing we will need to do is to register the new CHR to our account:

These keys can be found by going down to the CHR section in your account and clicking on the all keys link:

Before moving forward please make sure your CHR device has basic internet connectivity as it will need to contact Mirkotik’s servers to be able to register to your account and upgrade from a free trial.

Once logged into the CHR please go to system>licenses, from there click the upgrade button and it should open up a new window. In that window you will need to fill in the Mikrotik account details that has the license you would like to use as well as the license level, then click start:

If the account details are correct and the device has internet connectivity the license screen should be like the following screenshot:

Once the device has registered and looks like the screen above you will need to go to your Mikrotik account again and look at your keys, you will see that you will now have a new CHR entry that is on a free trial and still have the older device that is on a full license.

You will need to go to the row with the old CHR that you want to swap the license with and click the transfer button:

Once you have clicked the transfer button it will allow you to select a device from your list to transfer the license to, please make sure that you have the right system ID and if you are not sure of what this is you can check by going back to the system>license menu on the CHR

Once you have chosen the new CHR to get the license the next screen should tell you that it was successful, you can then click on the All CHR keys button to go back and look at all your devices again 

You should then be able to see that the new CHR no longer has the trial at the end of the license

To be safe/to get the full speeds right away you can go back and renew license by going back to the system>licence renew license window and click start, it should then update the device so it is no longer a trail.

Please note that the renewal date refers to the next time the CHR will check with the server to see if the license is still valid for this system ID, if it succeeds the deadline date will increase by one month. If the device is not able to connect to Mikrotiks server it will continue to try to reach it at periodic intervals until it is able to reach the server.

If the chr is not able to reach the server before the deadline date some of the device’s functionality will be locked down. Once it is in this state the device will no longer automatically update and you will need to go to the system>renew licence and click start to manually update the device once it has connectivity to the server again.