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Answers to selected queries and questions related to wireless products, techniques and solutions

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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Maximum throughput on 802.11 links Topic: Q&A
There seems to be much misunderstanding about maximum throughput capability of wireless links. This article attempts to clarify some of the most common performance misconceptions
Date Added: Wednesday 13 June, 2012
Why use EoIP tunnels for p2p links? by Mike Everest Topic: Q&A
Our most popular configuration sample "DuxLink Duo" uses Ethernet over IP tunnels to establish a point to point bridge. This brief article explains the basic reasons for this choice of method.
Date Added: Wednesday 13 June, 2012
How fast? by Mike Everest Topic: Q&A
Q: when I test file transfer through the backhaul in door (2 711G on the same table), the speed is only around 40Mbps (i.e. 4-5MB/s). What is the max speed of 711G?
Date Added: Thursday 07 June, 2012
Holiday resort public Wireless Internet solution by Mike Everest Topic: Q&A
I have been approached by one of the local resorts, they currently have a wifi solution provided by ***other company***. Their equipment is quite old and needs a total replacement. They are quite happy to pay for the new gear but unhappy with their current arrangement, lack of control and access to ...
Date Added: Monday 23 April, 2012
WDS for distributed network delivery by Mike Everest Topic: Q&A
Could you please advise on how I can set up 2 RB-751uís as access points - First devices receives the connection from the network and acting as a switch port ( distributes the connection from the Network to all the other ports 2,3,4) - Second device would be in air-bridge mode ( Wireless bridge ...
Date Added: Monday 23 April, 2012
Multiple Antennas on One Pole by Mike Everest Topic: Q&A
Do you have an opinion of physical separation when one mounts multiple radio units on the same pole?
Date Added: Thursday 22 March, 2012
Planning considerations for long distance wireless links Topic: Q&A
In response to a question related to setting up a 35Km wireless link, I offer the following comments:
Date Added: Tuesday 11 January, 2011
Fix MTU problem on PPPoE link by Mike Everest Topic: Q&A
Hi, I purchased 2 Mikrotik RB750s a while ago, in July and I have not spent a huge amount of time getting them working but have had some difficulty when I have sat down to use them. I have had no problems with using the router as a straight router on an ethernet network. So I can set a DHCP enabled ...
Date Added: Monday 20 September, 2010
Create remote VPN to office network by Mike Everest Topic: Q&A
I just bought a Routerbox and was hoping to use it to connect to my office VPN, and automatically route packets for the office over he VPN. But, I am having problems getting the basic VPN functionality to work. Please see attached for my config, but basically, I have a standard DLS Router and then...
Date Added: Friday 23 July, 2010
Connect to a Wireless Modem from another building by Mike Everest Topic: Q&A
Q: I am shortly moving onto a farm where I will be living in a converted dairy about 150 metres up a gentle hill from the main house where my landlords live. They are happy to have me piggyback off their (bigpond) wireless modem but I feel I will need some kind of booster/amplifier antenna(e) at eit...
Date Added: Friday 11 June, 2010
Displaying 11 to 20 (of 28 articles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  [Next >>] 
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about 6 days ago
LOOK! The new wsAP-lite is a dual band WiFi AP with passthrough PoE ethernet that fits into a power point profile!
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about 6 days ago
The new LtAP-mini is the ideal mobile and vehicle connectivity system with GPS - add your own 4G modem for the ulti…
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about 6 days ago
The cool new RBLHGG-60adkit Wireless Wire Dish Kit is on its way - available for pre-order right now!
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about 6 days ago
DuxTel News: Half-price Mimosa, MikroTik LTE updates, MUM 2018 Highlights -
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about 01 month ago
CCR1072-1G-8S+ - it doesn't get any better than this! Normally $4325, special price $2999 - (ex demo model, 1 unit…
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about 01 month ago
ready for MikroTik Certified Training - kicking off TOMORROW! :)
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about 01 month ago
MikroTik's first ever true 802.3af/at PoE switch with auto-detecting 24v/48v and 4x 10GB SFP+ uplink is available n…
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about 01 month ago
Thinking about horns? See here! :)
more >>
about 01 month ago
The QuickMount-PRO includes support for the new SQT-Sq products has just arrived!
more >>
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