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Configuration Guide for PS180T vDSL modem by Mike Everest

To configure your router to use Proscend/Metanoia PS180T vDSL modem, add a VLAN to the relevant SFP interface with vlan-id selected by the DSL network VPI/VCI parameters according to the following table:

PVC VPI VCI Encapsulation VLAN QoS
1 8 36 LLC 7 UBR
2 8 35 LLC 8 UBR
3 0 35 LLC 2 UBR
4 1 37 LLC 3 UBR
5 0 32 LLC 4 UBR
6 0 33 LLC 5 UBR
7 0 100 LLC 6 UBR
8 8 81 LLC 9 UBR

For example, many Australian DSL networks (including NBN) use VPI=8 and VCI=35 which translates to VLAN-ID=8 according to the above table.  Therefore, to configure your router to operate with most AU DSL network providers, add vlan to the SFP interface containing the modem module and set vlan-id=8

i.e, assuming SFP module is inserted to SFP1: 

/interface vlan \
    add interface=SFP1 name=vdsl-interface vlan-id=8

Once the VLAN is configured, you can then configure your ISP authentication settings.  e.g:

for IPoE:

/ip dhcp-client \
    add interface=vdsl-interface add-default-route=yes use-peer-dns=yes disabled=no

for PPPoE:

/interface pppoe-client \
    add add-default-route=yes interface=vdsl-interface name=pppoe-out1 \
    user=<isp-username> password=<isp password> 

If you have further questions, ask us! :-)


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